Centre for Women's Health & Information

Our programmes are run through:


The Centre carries out and promotes research in the area of women and young people’s reproductive health and rights as well as their sexual health and rights.

Women’s Information and Resource Centre

The Centre runs a specialized library that manages gender desegregated information and data. The Library promotes women and young people’s access to electronic data and information. It provides women’s right advocates and researchers with timely, authoritative and appropriate literature necessary for conducting research and knowledge update on women’s issues. It is designed to serve as a depository of books, journals, legislations, policies, reports, and bibliographic data, videos on women and young people’s rights in Nigeria, Africa and around the world.

Women’s Development and Action Network (CEWHIN SCHOLASHIP PROGRAMME)

WODANET is set up in order to promote the realisation of women and girls’ reproductive health rights through access to economic empowerment opportunities, skills development programmes as well as useful information on their well being. WODANET is a project of the Centre set up as a network of organizations and individuals across the country. One of the activities of this network is to seek out girls who do not have the opportunity to be educated or to further their education beyond certain level due to financial constraints or girls who are willing to learn a trade but do not have the wherewithal to do so. These are girls whose reproductive health right would be jeopardised if they do not have access to such developmental opportunities. WODANET is unique in that it is a network of women and organizations whose main mission is to empower disadvantaged girls/women.

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