Strengthening VAWG/SGBV Response in Lagos State (Project Strength)

European Union (EU)/United Nations (UN) Spotlight Initiative
CEWHIN community advocates in Yaba

Project Strength, is being implemented with the support of the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Spotlight Initiative project which seeks to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in Nigeria. Using the UNDP’s transformative gender approach, the project addresses legislative and policy frameworks, strengthening institutions, prevention and social norms, services, data availability and capacities, and supporting the women’s movement.

Gender inequality has persistently exposed women and girls to various forms of violence across the globe. Limited access to justice and response services continue to exacerbate women and girls’ vulnerability. This justifies the “zero tolerance for gender-based violence” position of the United Nations.

The project has helped to contribute to strengthened legal and policy environment for VAWG/SGBV response in Lagos State; Increased knowledge of preventive and response actions to VAWG/SGBV among community people in Lagos State; Improved attitudes and behaviours towards abuse at community and individual levels to prevent VAWG/SGBV; improved enjoyment of fundamental human rights by women and girls (including vulnerable and marginalised groups).

CEWHIN’s Project Strength has been able to achieve some key results through capacity building workshops for law enforcement officers to implement laws and policies on ending VAWG/SGBV/HP; Strengthened partnership with law enforcement agents and key stakeholders; Strengthened referral pathways and access to justice in Lagos State; gender mainstreaming into the operations of law enforcement agencies like the LNSC; Increased Awareness and Advocacy on VAWG/SGBV/HP by Religious Organizations and Community Advocates

Project Locations: Yaba and Ikorodu, Lagos State

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