Scholarship Fund

Adebanke Akinrimisi Scholarship For Girls

One of the programmes through which it seeks to accomplish its goals, is the Scholarships
for Girls which was, specifically, the brain child of Adebanke Akinrimisi.

N 500
Total Amount Raised
N 500
Amount Raised in 2022

In 2003, the Centre for Women’s Health and Information established the Women’s Development Action Network (WODANET) as a network of individuals and organisations dedicated to increasing girls’/women’s access to basic education and skill acquisition opportunities, with the overarching mission of empowering disadvantaged girls/women.

Under this programme, scholarships are provided for girls (in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions) in Nigeria, who would otherwise be unable to attend school or would be forced to drop out due to a lack of funds. 

In addition to sponsoring formal education of beneficiaries, the Centre has an entrepreneurial scheme for women and girls who are uneducated and feel that they have passed the school age and/or those who feel that they would better thrive learning skills rather than conventional education. This scheme provides for girls to learn a vocation of their choice; sewing, catering, hairdressing, etc. We cover the cost of sending the girls on vocational training and, if necessary, assist in raising the funds to start their own business. In the past 18 years, CEWHIN, through the scholarship fund, has succeeded in sending over eighty (80) children to school, out of which 10 are graduates in various fields such as medicine and law. 

On February 11, 2021, Adebanke Akinrimisi transited to glory. In order to honour her and, to immortalise her legacy of philanthropy and passion to empower indigent children, especially, the girl child, the board of directors of CEWHIN, in collaboration with her family, relaunched the scholarship fund and to changed its name to Adebanke Akinrimisi Scholarship for Girls (AASG), on her post-humous 57th birthday anniversary, in celebration of her life and times.


Become a Donor

Donate generously to the scholarship fund by making monthly donations or a one-time donation.

Leadership And Mentoring For Women And Girls​

You can volunteer to mentor beneficiaries by teaching them leadership skills, soft skills, and general progress monitoring throughout their education/training period and as needed.

Adopt A Beneficiary

You can assume full responsibility for educating any of our beneficiaries. This can be accomplished by paying school fees when due, or by making monthly payments solely for the purpose of financing such an adoptee’s education.


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