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GBV Tete-a-tete is a bespoke technology developed as technology leverage for survivor-centered approach project that provided capacity building for psychological first aid to survivors of gender-based violence in Benue state, Nigeria- Capacity Building and Technology Adoption for Strengthening GBV Awareness, Prevention and Response through Community-Based Psychosocial Support.

This mobile app is CEWHIN’s first technology product with intent to bring freely to millions of Nigerians the knowledge and skills for psychological first aid that benefits survivors of GBV and enhance GBV response capacity for individuals.

CEWHIN offers this mobile app with hopes to close the GBV support gaps of access to provision of psychosocial support to survivors which is a critical intervention area in dealing with the negative mental health impacts of SGBV by organising community led groups into community psychological first aiders (CPFA) which can be easily connected through mobile technology.

Centre for Women’s Health and Information Nigeria (CEWHIN) had received a 2021 U.S. Federal Awards for GBV Tête-à-tête and collaborated with Gender and Environmental Risks Initiative for the evidence gathering towards this technology product.

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GBV Tête-à-Tête mobile app

Available on iOS & Android!

Course Content

You can also take the GBV Tête-À-Tête online course and get a certificate upon completion. The course content covers the following topics:

Explains the difference between sex and gender, gender roles and the explores gender as a determinant of health.

Explains prevention approaches for GBV and how attitudes of the public towards GBV makes a difference

Explains psychological first-aid, guiding principles and its core actions.

Explains communication, good ,supportive , verbal and non-verbal communication and the action principles of Look, Listen and Link

Explains referral, identifying cases that require referral, the importance of referral and identifying referral pathways.

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Take the online course on the app and learn the basics of providing psychological support to survivors of Gender-based violence and all forms of trauma.


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Speak with a certified CPFA provider to get support on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence issues.

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frequently asked questions

No. You do not have to pay for the CPFA course on the app. It is totally free.

This app is not only or use in Benue State, it can be used anywhere within Nigeria

The training resources are available on the knowledge hub of the GBV Tête-À-Tête App. 

To join the list of organisations on the app directory, please send an email to:

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Development team

  • Project Director – Atinuke Odukoya
  • Project Technology Consultant– Eniola Olowu
  • Lead Developer– Okechukwu Ezekiel
  • Learning Facilitators – Sosunmola Shoyinka, Jibiril Abdulmalik, Atinuke Odukoya, Elizabeth Jeiyol, Beatrice Onoja and Stephen Pamela
  • Learning Consultant – Olawumi Ajayi
  • Knowledge Material – Oluwatobi Opadokun
  • Logo Design – PixelHouse



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