Capacity Building workshop by CEWHIN

One of our core areas is building capacity of actors involved in addressing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) cases. This includes training and educating professionals such as law enforcement, medical personnel, and legal advocates, as well as community members.

CEWHIN’s core strength is its comprehensive approach to capacity building. Rather than focusing solely on one aspect of SGBV response, such as legal aid or medical treatment, the organization works to strengthen the entire system of SGBV response. This includes providing training on SGBV-specific laws and policies, training religious institutions on Psychosocial support as well as gender response training for law enforcement and best practices for case management. We also work to build the capacity of community-based organizations and SGBV survivors to access and navigate the justice system.

Another strength of the organization is its use of a trauma-informed approach in all of its capacity building efforts. This means that the organization recognizes the trauma that SGBV survivors have experienced and takes steps to minimize re-traumatization during the response and support process. This includes training professionals to use trauma-informed interview techniques and providing support for SGBV survivors throughout the legal and medical process.

In addition to training and education, the organization also provides ongoing technical assistance and support to professionals and organizations working on SGBV issues. This includes providing resources and materials, as well as offering consultation on specific cases.


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