About Us


The Centre for Women’s Health and Information (CEWHIN) is an independent, not for profit making, non-governmental organization established for the promotion of, and respect for the human rights of women and young girls, especially their reproductive and sexual health and rights.

Our definition of health is very broad, as such our approach to addressing reproductive health issues are multi-dimensional. The idea for the formation of the Centre was conceived in September 2000. However, it began operations in September 2002.

The Centre is registered as a company limited by Guarantee under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990 (Its Registration No. is RC 497455).


A society where women and girls are empowered to realise their mental, social and physical wellbeing.


CEWHIN is committed to empowering individuals for improved quality of life and social change.



To carry out research and activities in the area of women and young girls’ reproductive health and rights, with the long term effect of reducing maternal mortality and HIV transmission;

To build the capacities of women and young girls for creating long-term solutions to the challenges that they face;

To act as catalyst in the promotion of women’s human rights through information, exchange of ideas and the development of resources;

To provide useful and timely information on issues relating to women and young girls towards promoting good governance for the promotion of the desired social change in Nigeria;

To collaborate with similar organisations in advocating and campaigning for the actualisation of women’s human rights;

To provide consultancy services on issues relating to human development and social change.

Our Core Areas

The Centre for Women’s Health and Information (CEWHIN) works under these three focus areas:

Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls

Under this focus area, CEWHIN covers Gender-based violence, psychosocial support for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and other forms of trauma.

Good Governance

CEWHIN’s governance programme seeks to enhance citizen’s participation in governance in specific sectors. It also seeks to promote transparency and accountability in the way government make decisions and deliver services.

Capacity Building

CEWHIN helps to build capacity of stakeholders by offering technical assistance and training where needed. The Centre also produces relevant knowledge materials for information sharing and awareness purposes.




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