Our Core Areas

A. Gender Equality and Empowerment for Women and Girls

The Centre designs and organises programmes that enable individuals and groups of persons to acquire knowledge and skills that they require to be able to make life changing decisions and choices for their personal development and societal good.

Gender based Violence/Psychosocial Service Provision

CEWHIN Advocacy Campaign to LASAA - Photo

Using the awareness, prevention, and response approach to gender-based violence, we engage in sensitization and awareness campaigns to promote knowledge of gender issues thus helping to mitigate the prevalence of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Nigeria. In our efforts at the prevention of violence against women and girls, CEWHIN has engaged in capacity building cutting across relevant stakeholders such as government officials, law Enforcement officers, religious and traditional leaders, civil society organisations and community-based organisations.

Adebanke Akinrimisi Scholarship for Girls

CEWHIN also works on empowerment for women and girls through the Adebanke Akinrimisi Scholarship for girls. Scholarships are granted under this program to Nigerian students (in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools) who would otherwise be unable to attend school or would be forced to drop out due to a lack of finances. CEWHIN has sponsored approximately seventy (90) youngsters to school through the scholarship fund over the last 18 years, with many graduating in professions such as medicine and law.

In addition to sponsoring recipients’ formal education, the Centre provides an entrepreneurial scheme for uneducated women and girls who believe they would thrive studying skills rather than formal education. This program allows girls to pursue a career of their choosing, such as sewing, cooking, or hairdressing. We pay for the girls’ vocational training and, if required, help them raise finances to launch their own businesses.

For more information on the scholarship fund, please visit https://cewhin.com/scholarship-fund/

Leadership and Life Skills forum for Schools/mentoring for young Advocates

Also under this core area, CEWHIN organises leadership and life skills forum in schools as well as has a mentoring programme for young advocates. 


b. Good Governance

Transparency and accountability, anti-corruption and citizen’s engagement are all included in this emphasis area. CEWHIN works on this thematic area and helps to sensitize the Nigerian citizenry on the necessary tools for engagement with its government, awareness on anti-corruption and also engages in capacity building of community-based organizations to ensure transparency and accountability and good governance in Nigeria. The governance programme of CEWHIN seeks to enhance citizen’s participation in governance in specific sectors. It also seeks to promote transparency and accountability in the way government make decisions and deliver services.

C. Capacity Building and Information

Standard Operating Procedure for GBV in Lagos State

Capacity building is at the core of what we do at the Centre. CEWHIN helps to build capacity of stakeholders by offering technical assistance and training where needed. The Centre also produces relevant knowledge materials for information sharing, awareness purposes, exchange, and utilization of women’s health rights information. It also aims to provide materials for women and young girls’ health rights advocacy. It seeks to provide organizations and individuals involved in health issues of women and young girls with online resources, including various databases.

This programme is designed to promote the building of capacity of researchers, advocates and development workers to enable them pursue their dream of actualising women and young girls’ health rightsThe Centre promotes and conducts research in different areas and issues relating to women and girls in Nigeria.

To view our knowledge materials, please visit: www.cewhin.com/publications


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