CEWHIN’s Refresher Training for Psychosocial First-Aiders

CEWHIN Refresher Training of Psychosocial First-Aiders

With support from Ford Foundation, CEWHIN is working on Strengthening Access to Community-Based Psychosocial Support for Survivors of Violence against Women and Girls. This project focuses on the availability of Community-based Psychosocial Support in Osun, Ogun and Oyo states.

As part of our project activities, we conducted a refresher course for 78 previously trained psychosocial first-aiders (PFAs) from Osun, Ogun and Oyo states. This training was held to reinforce the PFAs knowledge on the basic concepts of psychosocial first-aid provision, discuss vicarious trauma and techniques for managing the effects of vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue as well as suicide warning signs to watch out for when handling cases of abuse.

In emphasizing appropriate ethical considerations to be taken by PFAs, we used several role plays and group exercises to demonstrate different case scenarios and helped with several solutions on how these could be tackled.

Following up with the PFAs also, they narrated varied challenges faced in the field in the cause of administering psychosocial first-aid in their different states and two major challenges within our society that have stood out in these 3 states still remain:

  • Stigma
  • Family pressure
  • Distrust of the system
CEWHIN Refresher Training of Psychosocial First-Aiders
Photos from Participant's roleplaying session
CEWHIN Refresher Training of Psychosocial First-Aiders

Psychosocial First-Aiders Companion

With the support of Ford Foundation, CEWHIN has produced a companion for psychosocial first-aiders. Click here to download an e-copy.

Psychosocial First-Aid Companion - CEWHIN


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